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Liesl Grouber
hey sweety love you too i\'m sorry i don\'t get to see you this wensday but hopefully i\'ll see you on sunday or next tuesday.
Jackie Gorcheff
hey love! i lvoe u and i\'m glad i got to c u 2nite...idk i\'m gna try to be there 2morrow but i\'m gna be at pastor matt and kelly\'s house for hang out on thrusday....i will be there sunday mornin for shrue and definately tuesday!
Leanna Clemmer
hey i missed you sunday what have you been doin how is jake is he gettin ready for college well love you cutie!
Jackie Gorcheff
hey darlin!! i miss u can\'t wait to c u 2morrow i love u lots!! xoxoxoxoxoxo
Liesl Grouber
oh yeah you scared me. my bunny slippers just ran and hid under the bed.
Liesl Grouber
yeah they\'ve been good but i miss coming to church i only have two more then i\'m done.
David Clemmer
look at my entry in the group pursuit youth group of rogers ohio
David Clemmer
boo did i scare u?
Leanna Clemmer
hey misses you wednesday night how did the concert go love you!
Liesl Grouber
I\'m still not sure you do scare me at times. NM just kinda stressed i\'ve been playing in three concerts a week.
Liesl Grouber
I don\'t know if i should be afraid or not if Ashton is near. Just Joking. So how are you??
Liesl Grouber
You don\'t look dorky at all unlike me..lol.. i think you look very pretty with or without glasses. I\'m going to miss not seeing you tonight. Love you bunches.
Robin Kidd
Hi Liesl! Nice to see you on here!
David Clemmer
HaHa dont be afraid !! nm wat u been up to?
David Clemmer
howdy liesl no need to fear ASHTON is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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