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Jackie Gorcheff
me bein dumb at midnite with brianne
Jackie Gorcheff
i love converse
Jackie Gorcheff
this is a great organization
Jackie Gorcheff
Jackie Gorcheff
hey it\'s ok i understand i miss u terribly like i can\'t wait for u to come home! as u heard we r offically dating nice job showin everyone at ur work me adn chad...lol ur soo funnie lol i love u sry i barely get on here nemroe..if u can get on facebook..i\'m on everyday so send me a message there
amber meese
I don\'t know if you ever get on this anymore but I just wanted to say I am sorry I have not been able to come with school and all of that. I love you and I hope I can come next weekend. I will write a message everyday.
Justin Kidd
Stephanie Ketchum
soooo sorry i havent been on here in ages... best luck to contact me is through texting. but yeah we need to get together. 330-368-8678
Justin Kidd
me 2
Jackie Gorcheff
ohh im addicted to facebook...lol
Jackie Gorcheff
ewwy its u
Justin Kidd
i do most of the time cause i have friends that refuse to use facebook
Jackie Gorcheff
yea i like never get on here nemore...lol
Justin Kidd
Jackie Gorcheff
yea i miss u guys so much

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