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Lorna Heer
Me + My Puppy =)
Lorna Heer
Me & Skippy
Lorna Heer
Lorna Heer
Haha, that\'s ok. We all have moments where we try to be funny and you just end up looking stupid. Trust me, I\'ve got a lot of experience in that department! Lol.
Lorna Heer
Haha, whenever I watch your Skittles pic all the way through I always laugh at the end lol.
Emi Noneofurbusiness!
Thanks! That\'s what I was going for... I try to hard to be funny... But I fail epically most of the time. -_
Emi Noneofurbusiness!
LOL. Oh I know how that feels! :D
Lorna Heer
Yah, I can\'t wait until summer so there won\'t always be that constant stress of homework on my mind ya know?
Lorna Heer
You always have the coolest pics and backgrounds! Lol. I just had to get that out... Haha.
Amber B
Haha why thank you!! :]
Emi Noneofurbusiness!
it keeps me busy alright... and pretty stressed out sometimes! i feel like my personal life went down the drain! lol. i think i\'m gonna drop tae kwon do for a while so that i can maintain at least an illusion of balance. :D so what up for u?
Lorna Heer
Woo! Tae-Kawndo? Debate Club? Flag Team? Wow. You are a very well rounded girl chica! lol
Lorna Heer
Mmm, I think it was one of the ones about love. lol. I\'m pretty much just doing homework, basketball, chuch and school right now. What about you?
Emi Noneofurbusiness!
wow busy life huh? me too. tae kwon do 2 days a week, flag team times a week, debate club one day,
Lorna Heer
Hey! I love what you wrote in the ladies forum in the one thread about dating. Good advice! Keep it up!

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