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mara heath
mara heath
hey gurl!!!!!whats up???nmh....im just borded!!!lol..........
Mike H
heyy whats up?
nicole owen
its ok!! r u comin skool monday and r u gonna be there all day? cause i need my science wildcat warm up since we have the warm up test at the end of next week.
mara heath
hey wots up nmh just bein borded!!lol..
mara heath
mara heath
sry i tried to do something but it would not do
mara heath
heeeeeeeeeeey!!!wots up!how u been!yea i guess ill see you at skewl tomorrow
mara heath
heeeeey!!!!yea i go to fpms and no i joined the band last year
nicole owen
hey!! ur pic didnt look loke u!! lol but now i can see it lol. sis told me u was lol.
kansas owen
HEY GURL !!!! :)cya at skl monday !!
nicole owen
hey!! yay im the first person to rite a comment! lol anyways do u go to FPMS? and are you in the band or did u just join that group? well jw. g2g ttyl!

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