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kansas owen
me & my throphy!!
kansas owen
mara heath
heeeeeeeeeeey!!!wots up!how u been!yea i guess ill see you at skewl tomorrow
kansas owen
HEY GURL !!!! :)cya at skl monday !!
kansas owen
hey !!!!!!!!! watcha up 2 ?!!
Mike H
Hey whats up?
kansas owen
howd you get the pic of the converse ?!!
lindsey beard
ok whoever you are! nobody and i mean NOBODY talks to my girl like that! ok so ya u dont know her so u aint got NO right to be callin her a freak!
lindsey beard
ok the message below this is to bcoffelt and this is to you kk: you know i got yo back and i dont even know y she thinks ur a freak lol lylas!!
trinity durst
trinity durst
heyy! whats up????!
Lindsey noneofurbuisness
Lol! Cool! I guess that means we have a lot in common??? That didnt make sense but o well! :D
kansas owen
omg !!! everything on ur thing that says about me is basically all about me too !! lol . im a twin !!!!
kansas owen
HEY !!!!!!!!!!!! wanna be friends ???!!!! :D :lol: :wink:
kansas owen
congrats ul be a great cheerleader !!!! love ya so much !!! ttyl !!

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