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Danielle Partridge
Me & Max
Danielle Partridge
I love this painting
Danielle Partridge
Danielle Partridge
Danielle Partridge
My Cat
Danielle Partridge
Danielle Partridge
Danielle Partridge
Keith Green
Danielle Partridge
Irene Nesterenko
hey musicmuse! how is life? like your new pic!
Danielle Partridge
Yes, i am just now wishing you a happy b-day, two months, but later than never. Soooo here it goes...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don\'t you feel special now since no one else is wishing you a happy b-day right now! Write me back, you must! (Oh the power of suggestion)
Danielle Partridge
Hey, how\'s things goin? We haven\'t talked in a while!
Danielle Partridge
Your testimony was a blessing to me. Thanks for being my bud. I\'ll try to be a good one to you :!: I was saved at twelve. My christian walk has been like a roller coaster ride but I\'m learning to lean on Jesus more and more.
Shelly Boo
O, I go to a small private school and we go on about six field trips every year. Sometimes we go ice skating, bowling, and we also go to Busch Gardens alot. They\'re alot of fun. Those pictures are from a field trip to the zoo. I\'m doing pretty good, how about you? I don\'t go on mypraize very much anymore, because I have a myspace now.
Dena Smith
Hi! Just thought I\'d join in on all the graffitti on your wall. :lol: What\'s goin down, what\'s happenin and all that? 8)

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