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Dena Smith
Dena Smith
How did your daughters trip to Mexico go? Hope she made back safely. How have you been. You\'ve been in my prayers! :D
Dena Smith
Hi! Just thought I\'d join in on all the graffitti on your wall. :lol: What\'s goin down, what\'s happenin and all that? 8)
Debbie Hazelet
We have 4 dogs and 4 cats, 1 pony, and 1 turtule. Crazy, I know. But we do love them all. My boys want some horses. But our place is too small, we are hoping on selling and getting a bigger place. I praise God for your miracle! Even in the darkess times, HE IS OUR LIGHT!! HE IS SO GOOD!! Keep in touch!! God Bless. :)
Beth Fries
Hello there Yes, it has been freezing here and the whole world will be feeling the effects of it when they go to buy oranges, I fear! God Bless :)
Dena Smith
Has it been really cold out there lately or what? My aunts live in L.A. and they said they were freezing! Hope your week has been great. :D
Dena Smith
How many pets do you have? I have a cat and a dog. They are sorta like my children. God Bless!
Virginia daniels
I have had medical miracles happen to me personally and to my children also. I am so thankful that God still works miracles today as he is working in you! I left you a message. God bless, Virginia
Virginia daniels
Hi! Would you please pray for my daughter Kaylee? She\'s on a mission trip to Mexico to an orphanage. We just got a phone call from her for about 30 secs. before the phone cut off :cry: But her Dad said she sounded fine :) Thanks so much for writing me back. Is there something that you need prayer for at the moment? Let me know. God Bless,V.
Dena Smith
I will definitely keep her in prayer. I went to Mexico 2 years ago for a missions trip and had a great time and was truly blessed. I\'m sure your daughter is having a wonderful time and is just very busy. We certainly were the whole time we were down there. I\'ll pray for you also. :D
Dena Smith
Hi! Hope all is OK. You\'ve been on my mind and in my prayers. Just remember that pain is temporary. Only you and the Lord can control how much you let it affect you and your life. Please know that I probably can relate to alot of what you are going through and feel your pain. In our weakness He is strong! (write a message for a private conversation
Dena Smith
Hey there! Looking forward to many chats and shared blessings with you. Thanks for the comments on my blogs. Isn\'t the love of Jesus something wonderful. I am so amazed at His power and peace! Yet He will be your closest friend if you want Him to be. Praying for your ministry. Let me know specific things you need prayer and advice on. God bless. :!:
Virginia daniels
Wow! I read your blogs. What a wonderful testimony! Just to read back through them and see how the Lord is working in your life is amazing! I will pray for you, and tell my husband about you. Write me back if you like. We have a juvenile jail ministry, I\'m sure you might have some wise counsel to offer. God Bless Your Family, Virginia :)
Danielle Partridge
It\'s Alright :!: 8) :wink: :lol: :roll:
Dena Smith
Miracles still happen!

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