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Savannah none ya!
Hannah Banana
Hiya! whats up? haven\'t talked to you in a while!
Alicia Schalla
Savvy! Hello! lol
Savannah none ya!
vanz loves kayla
Savannah none ya!
ahhh. thomass. you havent been on in awile, have you? haha. neither have i. either you deleted me off your myspace friends or myspace is being weird? :P
Savannah none ya!
CHEEZERRR. I MISS YOU I JUST started logging on to mypraize YESTERDAY. Haha.
Hannah Banana
haha ME TOO!!! it\'s SO CRAZY!!! how aare you???
Savannah none ya!
Havent Been Online For Awile
Hannah Banana
what is up??? How are you doing??? Hows summer? I haven\'t talked to you in a while. i wonder if you ever get on here any more. i know i barely do.. lol Oh My Goosh!!!
MyPraize Band
saw you were in the stand true group. thought you might appreciate our song \"tolerant\". It deals with how evil (abortion,..) spreads when good men sit by in apathy. God bless!
Kayla Crawford
vanz! whats up?
jazmine trout
Savannah none ya!
like.. oh my total gosh! savannah got a myspace! lol. go there and add meh! www.myspace.com/like_omgsh_its_vanz
Savannah none ya!
aww thanks! your pretty too!
Ariel Chhhhhhhhh.
aww shucks! lol

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