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Michele L
Cassidy Justice
ur welcom =)
Michele L
Cassidy Justice
Wow is that you? Well whoever it is they are really pretty. :D
Michele L
Yep that is me, and thank you for the comment. Very sweet.
Christine Gardner
Hello, I never had a chance to talk to you, so I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself! My name is Christine, when you get a chance write sometime! Talk to you soon!
micheal thompson
Being a follower of Jesus gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to having a sense of purpose. The Westminster Catechism sums it up well when it says the ?chief end of man? is to ?glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.? Glorifying God means putting His character, His will, and His ways into action in all that we do. The apostle Paul reminded us that we ?are being transformed into [Christ?s] image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord? (2 Cor. 3:18). The purpose of our lives is to let others see what God is like as they watch and experience His love through us. What a profound privilege it is to mirror God?s love, mercy, grace, justice, and righteousness to a world whose heart is ?veiled? to God?s truth! (4:3-4). Our purpose is to show others less of us and more of Him. That?s living on purpose with a purpose! So let our lips and lives express The holy gospel we profess, So let our words and virtues shine To prove the doctrine all divine. ?Watts The Christian?s purpose is to promote God?s plan. who are you plromoting? God bless you micheal :D
Gerry Healey
Hey Michele. How is life in Ohio this week. Hope all is well and hope you are having a great day. G
Michele L
Morning. Just stopping in to wish you a great Monday. It is beautiful here today, and I\'m feeling better son will spending time outside. Have a great one!! Michele
Michele L
Happy Friday! Hope you have a blessed weekend. Michele :D
Michele L
Hi there friend. Happy Friday. I love the weekends, Hope you and your family have a blessed one :D Michele
Gerry Healey
I hope you have a great weekend as well Michele. Take care and God bless... G
Bridgett Healey
Hey Michelle. Thanks. I hope you and yours have a blessed weekend as well. Bridgett
Michele L
Happy Friday! Hope you and your family have a blessed weekend. Michele :D
Julian Sims
Hey there! Thanks for the add! Have a great day! J.

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