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Mikayla Holcombe
Nicole Fields
Hey girl!!! it\'s your girl Nicole but anyway, I love you so much and I\'ll miss you next year but you me, Jamii, Jazmine, Christianna, and Cameron will all be reunited at Hume-Fogg when I\'m a sophmore
Christianna Spohr
hey kayla, its Kris! hows ur summer. cant wait 2 c u in the fall... even if we have 2 wear uniforms. yuuuuuuuuuuuuckoooooooo :cry: :wink:
Mikayla Holcombe
hey man! How u b! You are so fyne and U dlow all the girlz\' mind! haha! jk! You are 1 cool guy and Im glad your my friend! :) :lol:
Mikayla Holcombe
Hey! This Kayla! Please when you get the time check out my Blogs! They are sweet and nice! Leave me your comments about them on my wall, okay? Thanx and GOD Bless!! Prince$$ xoxox :D :)
Mikayla Holcombe
All Guys are the same! maybe...i dont know!
Mikayla Holcombe
My Boyfriend...
Mikayla Holcombe
Mikayla Holcombe
Hey yall! This is Princess! Read my latest blog and comment if you do or donot relate of it you have something to say to it! Thanx! :)
Mikayla Holcombe
hey ! This your girl, Kayla! If you luv me( and I know you do) then write on my wall! :D :wink: :)

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