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Tara Shaffer
Leanna Clemmer
hey wat up! how have things been going? :D
Jackie Gorcheff
i should i will soon probably as soon as i figure it out!! i love u
Tara Shaffer
jackie, when ru going to get a pic, so i see u....love u jackie i like ur background very much...
Jackie Gorcheff
hey tara!!i miss u so much! i haven\'t seen u in a loonngg time! how r u doin? i love u tara!!!!
Leanna Clemmer
i went to google and typed in the type of background i wanted then right clicked, then went down to properties, then highlighted and came back to mypraize and made my own background!! so how are youi doing. i am really bored right now and there is nobody on here!!
Tara Shaffer
hey leanna, how are you doing? i am good. how did u get ur cool layout? i really like it. ttul ok.. Love in christ, Tara :D
brianne hulton
hey, im doing fine...i got my bg from photobucket they have a lot of cute pics
Leanna Clemmer
hey thanks for the invite so what have you been up too?
Tara Shaffer
hey brianne, how ru doing? im good. i didnt know about this site till meg got on... talk to u later, love in Christ, Tara :D
Tara Shaffer
hey brianne, how did u get this layout...i want one like yours...i made mine...let me know ok... thanx... -Tara-
brianne hulton
hey tara!
Robin Kidd
Hi Girl! Welcome to MyPraize!
Tara Shaffer
my fave music

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