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jaimie bryant
hope emerton
hey i luv ur hair alot !!!!!
hope emerton
hey whats up
jaimie bryant
new!! about me
jaimie bryant
Thank\'s. So are you.(:
Dani (Connie) DISGUSTING!!
Hey!! You\'re pretty,haha!
jaimie bryant
you have a point but idk i wil
Renee O'Neill
okay. well i dun want u 2 to go out and thenm him find out and it all be ruined
jaimie bryant
not excactly but ill tell him
Renee O'Neill
does em0sk8tRr know??
Joni Bryant
oh haha funn y cuze u told me i wasnt!!
Joni Bryant
hey lil izz put me on ur top beetch hhaha :D
jaimie bryant
you are you dit
Renee O'Neill
hey uh izzi why do you still have you scene pics up? i know your not a scene kid anymire. i talked to you on myspace so why dont you put up new ones??
jaimie bryant
okay send me a message..i have somthing to share but its a sercret so don\'t tell anyone

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