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billy lee
cool pic
billy lee
another version of my back ground
billy lee
B.T.A. t-shirt
billy lee
billy lee
not much, some weird kid is trying to make an argument with me because I made the anti emo club lol, anything up with you?
billy lee
no thanks we don\'t need to talk about it, we have different opinions is all, if we actually need to talk about it I\'d say neither one of us have a life :wink:
sona reed
hey what\'s up?
sona reed
yea i see that lol!!!! just tell him to shutup nicly ( if that is posible) well i am not doing to much i went sledding to day for the first time this winter it was fun!!!! but mom said not to be to crazy :( but i was fun :D
billy lee
And you hate me why can I ask?
Gabe not telling
u made the anti emo club. if u wanna talk about this on email i dont mind
Gabe not telling
I hate you
sona reed
yea i did and i loved it!!!! :D see ya later
billy lee
thats cool, did u go down there with your mom? see ya later
sona reed
hey i got a chance to work with my aunt linda for a weekend it\'s fun thats were i am right now but now today i am going to miss church :( and frissbee but either i\'ll se you monday or fri or whenever lol
sona reed
hey thanks for the advice :wink: the youth confrence was awsome!!!! i just came back from camping. we went to tomsons lake. i got a realy bad sun burn it really really hurts. i like can\'t move with out it hurting it really annoying. soo what have you been up to latly ? well se ya on friday i think?

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