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sona reed
and another one i made
sona reed
it's just a pic i made
sona reed
sona reed
Amberlea Henson
hey!! I like your song!!!! Have fun!!! bye!
sona reed
oh sryu i took so long for me to replie. i go to a full gospel chruch u? :D
Jenna M
Ah sweet :D We actually got back from church a little bit ago too. Just a fun worship service. What kind of church you go to? :)
sona reed
oh thanks ! ! ! ! not to much it going on, i am very tired at the moment.lol! now i am on my way to church :D what are you up to?
Jenna M
Hey whats up?? LOVE the song x)
billy lee
not much, some weird kid is trying to make an argument with me because I made the anti emo club lol, anything up with you?
sona reed
eh not to much i just came back from sledding that was fun!!!! :D
sona reed
hey what\'s up?
sona reed
yea i see that lol!!!! just tell him to shutup nicly ( if that is posible) well i am not doing to much i went sledding to day for the first time this winter it was fun!!!! but mom said not to be to crazy :( but i was fun :D
Rachel Goodman
n/m u?
sona reed
hey what\'s up?

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