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After being here for a week and involved in many good discussions a recurring phrase disturbs me much and I'm anxious for your insight. Phrases such as "I believe" or "I think" or "I've been taught" don't hold much water nor would they in any actual debate. Belief/feelings/thoughts must have a credible source else they're just heresay. Is there a such thing as an absolute authority. A book or system of thoughts that apply to everyone at all times for all places? Is the Bible absolute in it's teachings or is it subject to personal interpretation or cultural bias?


17 year(s) ago

wow! that's a pretty good one!! lol Well, yes, the bible is absolute truth and jesus's teachings are the truth (the bible said that jesus lived a sinful life and the bible says god hates a lying tongue, making it a sin, therefore jesus wasn't lying about being the son of God). But, because there are so many denominations and so many different versions of the bible, people are practically forced to say "i think" or "Ive been taught" mainly not to step on anyones toes. [b][color=#FF0000]I THINK[/color][/b] (lol) that because there are so many denominations and translations of the bible that we are all divided, but just being nice when saying "i think" and proving someone wrong. when really we all should believe the same thing (The Bible) and not all of these little side interpretations and all of these nitpicky things that people argue over. It's almost like people on here turn into Pharissees trying to say the litteral sense of what it is. we really shouldn't waste our time with all of that gobbledygook, but instead focus on reading the bible and living a christ-like life. :) I hope that helped

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