By What Standard?


17 year(s) ago

Most of our day to day behavior is something many of us think little about. We do most things out of habit or like most others do it. We live our lives in a manner with our traditions, customs, dress, hair style, music, going to events like most others. We make decisions and choices based on what we want. The question is by what standard do we make all these choices each day? Is our standard typically the culturally acceptable or the Word of God? Certainly, not all cultural practices are anti-Christian or anti-Biblical. Not all cultural practices are detrimental to our spirituality. But what is the primary, most important standard governing our behavior? I think most Christians would say something like Christ or the Bible should be our standard. But are they? How much should these be a factor in our lives? How can we improve in this area? Regards, Steve B


17 year(s) ago

A lot of Christians will do stuff that is sinful and then say they live by biblical standards. They act no different from the world, and sometimes we wonder if they are really Christians. Personally, I don't think a lot of them are. Some could be, but others are just pretenders. They know who they are. For them, they are sitting on the throne of their lives. They are trying to run their lives by their desires. It shouldn't be this way. God should be in control of our lives. He will not force us to do anything. He will tell us what we need to do, but we choose if we will obey Him. If you want to improve on this area, you must realized it's not about you anymore.

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