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I am creating this thread to compare the prophecies in the Tanakh against the events in the B'rit Hadashah, the "New Testament." I intend to prove that Yeshua, son of Maryam, wife of Yosef, son of Ya'akov WAS the Messiah prophesied by the Hebrew prophets. But, first things first. Let me say some preliminary stuff, and give the "opposition" a chance to do the same. This is being started as a debate between American Israeli and myself. That said, I don't personally mind if other people jump in, but he may. There are 2 things I would ask others not to do. One is "cheerleading", that is a bunch of posts that just basically say "I agree" and don't add any scriptures or new points of view. The other is flooding. I expect to be on the side of the majority of posters, but I want this to be fair, so we need to make sure we don't give AI more than he can reasonably expect to answer and still continue the debate(and do his homework, have a life, etc..) In case (as if there's any doubt) any one else does jump in, let me say that this is to be a clean debate. I don't want to see disrespect either way: My Father is Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh, G-d of Avraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, and Yeshua. If He is your Father, too, then we are brothers and sisters. (Mal 2:10)Let us treat our brethren as we would want to be treated. Anything you want to say before we get started, AI? Post edited by: MattBob_SquarePants, at: 2007/05/07 13:17

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