Wheee! Happy Pills!


17 year(s) ago

So, what do you guys think about mental health drugs through a biblical worldview? Apparently my youth pastor thinks that they are poison and that I should get off of them. ***Disclamer*** I use the term happy pills in a friendly manner, as I take three different kinds. Picking on people who take them would just be plain stupid for me to do. ***End Disclamer***


17 year(s) ago

I suggest a word study on the word "Pharmakos". There is another word which is related, that I can't think of right now. But pharmakos is usually translated in relation to witchcraft, which is strictly forbidden. And the word "pharmacology" which deals with drugs, is directly descended from "Pharmakos" i dont think all drugs are bad, but they can be scary. Sometimes they are needed. But they should be a last resort, and unfortunately, due to the money that comes from the drug industry into our doctors' pockets, and into the pockets of our legislators, drugs are often the FIRST thing we try, often cycling through, giving people different drugs to see if any work... Anybody else remember when the drug companies were forbidden from advertsing directly to the American public? When you asked your doctor what could help you, instead of asking if yuo could get this particular designer drug?

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