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melanie c
melanie c
me =]
melanie c
Samuel Stropes
lol yeah i love little kids (referring to your post).
melanie c
heyyy =] nothing really going on with me..whats up with you?
Logan Reed
so Wats UP :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
Ellen Pavlacka
well so far i\'ve only read Blue Like Jazz and To Own a Dragon... both were extremely good... i\'ve also heard him speak at a youth gathering i went to over the summer... believe it or not he\'s an even better speaker than a writer! but i really wanna buy the rest of his books... i\'ll let you know how they are when i\'m done with \'em!!! :D
Ellen Pavlacka
that\'s awesome! which books of his have you read? ..and i don\'t know how you can stand to wait a whole year to watch the next season! i envy ur patience! lol
melanie c
haha yeah it\'s hard!! lol but the only book i\'ve read by him was blue like jazz...i didnt know he had written any others. any more good ones that i should read?
Ellen Pavlacka
well since ur a donald miller fan, i guess i could write on ur wall... i\'m just awesome like that :D and i see ur a lostie too!!!! YAYYYYY only a few more weeks till the 3rd season starts back up again!!!
melanie c
haha thanks! lol yeah donald miller is basically my hero =]] and yay someone else who likes LOST!! i wish i could watch it...but i have youth on wednesday when it\'s on =( i just wait until it comes out on dvd and watch the whole season at once lol
Ryan King
ok check this out this chick rocks i just met here but she seems very awsome so yo.. ~Ryan~
melanie c
write on my wall...
melanie c
s;asdlkfjsdlkjfsd. bleh.
melanie c
me and you are cool...we got mypraizes...psh. those myspace kids dont know what they're missing. ahahaha.

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