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Amanda Lewis
me and my hubby
Amanda Lewis
Little Man and Daisy
Amanda Lewis
Mak and Daisy
Amanda Lewis
Mik and Daisy
Amanda Lewis
my family
Amanda Lewis
me and my little man :)
Amanda Lewis
looking cool
Amanda Lewis
Debbie Hazelet
how are you Amanda?? Haven\'t talked for a while. Praying all is well. How is Chase? Did he need surgery? Hope not. Hope his arm is healing ok. When you have a moment, write me! I have missed you!!! Praying you and the family are fine!!! Take care and God Bless! :D
Virginia daniels
Hi! What a pretty page! I\'m a wife of 26 years and mom of 6. I was just searching the groups, seeking other ladies to talk to, pray for, and encourage. Maybe you have a prayer need? God bless your family today, Virginia
Debbie Hazelet
Hello Amanda! Just stopping by to say hi and praying that the flu is totally gone, And that you are feeling good today! I pray that they Lord is restoring your health!! And you feel much stronger as each day passes!! :) We have beautiful blue skies here today and it just makes my soul feel so good. Write soon! Take care and God Bless you!
Debbie Hazelet
GOOD to hear from you!!! You are so welcomed for the prayers. I will continue praying for complete healing for you!! Our God is great! I rejoice with you in all the miracles! Wonderful! Praying in the new year is wonderful! :!: What church do you attend? We go to Calvery Chapel in Amador county. We really enjoy it!! Talk with you soon. GOD BLESS!
Debbie Hazelet
You are on my mind today! So, I thought that I would just send a prayer to you today!! How was your new years?? Hope it was a blessed time for you and your family! God Bless. Look forward to hearing from you! Bye Bye! :)
Amanda Lewis
Great to hear from you! We are doing okay. We have had the flu; but I think it is trying to work it\'s way out. I have been sleeping a lot b/c I am still a little weak. But all in all it has been good. We prayed in the New Year w/ our church and it was awesome! We had a lot of fun! I hope you are doing well and I\'m glad to hear from you. :D
Amanda Lewis
I ran out of room to write so I am still writing some more. LOL I just wanted to thank you for all your prayers and concerns. God is doing miracles in my life!!! I pray that you and your family have a very good New year and please keep in touch. I will talk to you soon. In Christ, Amanda

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