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Debbie Hazelet
Angelina, Hailey, Dominic and Sam
Debbie Hazelet
Baby Dominic and me!
Debbie Hazelet
Matt, Me, Sam & our dogs!
Debbie Hazelet
Angelina riding Brisko, with Matt & Sam.
Debbie Hazelet
Sam with Brisko, and Hailey girl.
Debbie Hazelet
Matt and baby Dominic
Debbie Hazelet
Our daughters and their husbands
Debbie Hazelet
My husband Ken and I.
Debbie Hazelet
Debbie Hazelet
how are you Amanda?? Haven\'t talked for a while. Praying all is well. How is Chase? Did he need surgery? Hope not. Hope his arm is healing ok. When you have a moment, write me! I have missed you!!! Praying you and the family are fine!!! Take care and God Bless! :D
Debbie Hazelet
Thanks for the add!!! Your music is great!! May God Bless you in your music and your life!!! Take care! :)
Debbie Hazelet
Hello, it\'s been so long since we talked!!! How are you?? And the family?? Praying all is fine. I am on HisHolySpace, are you? Would love to meet you on there! God is giving us beautiful spring days! In the 80\'s! Write soon!!! God bless. :D
Debbie Hazelet
hello! Good to see your message. Sorry to hear about you and your daughter being ill. Pray everyone is well now. When my daughter was on her mission trip to mexico, she too became very ill. They had a nurse and a doctor that traveled with them. So she got the meds she needed. But my daughter came home with a love for the people, too. And all those..
Debbie Hazelet
children! She too just loved them so much! She said they have the sweet souls! Even though she had gotten so ill there, it was a wonderful trip for her. They built a church will there. it was hard labor, but it was a good thing for them all. I was so proud of her! :) Hope you are doing good!! May God bless you today! Take care! :D
Virginia daniels
Don\'t feel bad, I haven\'t written a thing in a while! First, I had company. Then Kaylee came home from her mission trip with a stomach virus, throat inf. and earache. My Ginny and I caught the bug for 2 days :shock: K. is taking meds. but is feeling depressed about having to leave the children at the home in Mex. She grew to love then so.

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