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timmy smith
rachel smith
Hey bud! :D
rachel smith
Hey bud! :D
timmy smith
If u want a bf find some 1 els!
timmy smith
Hi howz it going we have the same last name :!: :!: :!: :D and my sis is named rachael except spelt a lil diferent well seeya byez :D
mary kalivoda
thanks 4 putten my video on ur page :wink: :D
mary kalivoda
i cant chat cause my computer iz being stupid :x :(
timmy smith
welcome :D 8)
timmy smith
well that stinks :x i hate it wen my my comp duz that i just want 2 shoot it thats how much i hate it wen it duz that!!!!!!!!!! lolz :lol:
Ruben Rodriguez
hi cool lets b friends :lol:
dianna sanders
Hey wats up
timmy smith
nm u :?: so hows every 1 wats new :)
timmy smith
Hey waz^ well just met u well seya byez
mary kalivoda
yo :!: sup :?: i see u like pink :)
mary kalivoda
thanks 4 acceptin\' me :!: :wink:

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