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Scott Rose
Dillon Whelchel
hey! thanks for the add!
Johnathon Lundy
read leviticus 18:22. God put it on my heart to give this to you.
Dan Migno
Peace be with you.Wishing you a blessed Christmas with a prosperous New Year.
John Anderson
You don\'t look very christian. Maybe you belong on something that is much less christian.
Scott Rose
Scott Rose
thanks bro...my t-day was good? the fam I and went to my wives fam about 2 hr away...I think I eat to much, but that\'s all good, cause I love to eat...how are things? 8)
Bruce Vinson
Hey how was your thanksgiving? Mine was awesome i spent it with my girl at her house. It was really simple. Tell me about yours.
Scott Rose
hay brother how are things going? 8)
Bruce Vinson
Hey What's up?
brandin samples
your new tatto looks amazing i want it and i represent the x to
mark ornelas
hey bro, i just read your blog. that is a beautiful prayer! touched my heart. for real 8)
Alexandria Rickett
I love your display pic it is awsome well yea ttyl
Scott Rose
hat thanks for the add 8)
Scott Rose
Dadd God a letter from me

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